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Compensation Panels

Compensation panels are the panels on which the condenser and measuring instruments are placed in order to correct the power factor. Compensation helps electric systems to work in a good condition. Moreover, we produce these by using harmonic filtered and thyristored measurements.


Main Distribution Panels

In places where electricity is used, such as factories, workshops, and work places, the panel from which the main distribution of electricity is made, is called Main Distribution Panel.  The transformer low voltage exit comes directly to the main distribution panels and energy distribution from panels.


Field / Mobile Distribution Panels (Marshalling Kiosk)

These are the panels which sends the energy coming from the main electricity network to the related distribution points according to your needs. The marshalling kiosks are being produced in 3 different types as TYPE-1, TYPE-2, and TYPE-3 according to the your needs.


Transfer Panels

When it is wanted to add a generator to an existing network, transfer switches are used in order to make the network and the generator to work in harmony.


Synchronizing Panels

Synchronize means simultaneously. Synchronizing generators briefly means to operate more than one generator simultaneously as if they are a single power source. The basic property of generator synchronizing systems is operating one or more generator together with another generator or network on the same energy line and share load.


Automation Panels

There are many criteria that shall be taken into consideration during the design, production, test, and delivery processes of control panels which is the most essential part of the automation systems. EMA Teknik Panels, designs the automation (PLC) panels as efficient as your needs.


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